Spirit - mixer

8 or 16 mono input channels

16 or 24 inputs (including 2-track returns)

Integrated power amp: 600, 2 x 300W; 1200, 2 x 600W

2 stereo input channels

High quality UltraMic?preamps

Built-in Lexicon effects processors

7-band graphic filter

40Hz subsonic filter

Inserts on mono channels and mix outputs

PFL solo on all channels

3-band EQ with swept mid

Integral patchbay


Mono Input Channel

Stereo Input Channel

Group/FX Return Section

Matrix/Sub-group Section

Master Section

Mute Control Section

Wide-range, low-noise input pre-amp with switchable ”„Range”¦, as used Vienna II and Europa

Sweepable High-pass filter
Four-band EQ with two swept mids plus switchable Q

8 Aux sends with external pre/post switching in pairs

8-segment LED input metering on every channel

Midi-controlled muting system with 8 mute groups plus MIDI program change

8 mono subgroups

Stereo plus mono mix buses

8 stereo returns (four on full length strips)

11x4 Matrix

VU output meterbridge fitted as standard

Master facilities include oscillator, talkback, monitor outputs and solo control

”„Swap”¦ mode allows the aux outputs to access the group fader and insert point, or use on foldback mixes

The console is available in 24, 32, 40 and 48ch sizes

324 Live

Inputs, Metering & Connections

The E-Strip and Channel Select

Faders & Master Control Section

Mute Groups, Stereo Inputs, FX Links & Outputs

Compact digital mixer for Live Sound reinforcement

16 mic/line inputs plus 16 TDIF digital inputs

Additional 16 mic/line inputs can be added using optional mic/line - TDIF interface boxes, giving total of 32 mic/line inputs

4 groups

4 matrices

Left, right and mono busses
Automation system tailored to live sound

Comprehensive MIDI event list capability

16 MIDI continuous controllers on faders